Welcome to Living and Creating Archiarchy Letters.

I'm a Spaceholder of Transformational spaces, I'm an Aliveness Amplifier and Reconector of Reality.

You might have met me in a hostel, in a conversation in a restaurant, in a training room, in the groups of Possibility Management, in an encounter on the street, in the past when I was at university or school, in my family house. Whatever the place where you met me, for some reason, or for no reason at all, you decided to join these monthly letters that I have been writing since April 2022.

In these Monthly Letters I write about Living and Creating Archiarchy.

In my experience culture is created and experienced from stories, from the way we communicate, from the way we live, from the way we relate to children, to each other, from the way we relate to feelings, to food, to money, to Gaia, to resources. Culture comes from me, from you, in every interaction, every choice, every creation.

Archirchy is a culture that is rapidly emerging around the world, this culture is emerging from Archetypal Love. And Archetypal Love is radically responsible.

Monthly you will receive legends about what it looks like in everyday life to create Archiarchy, what it takes to create a different Culture. I'll share my research and experience with you through articles, videos, trainings, events, experiments and poetry.

If you want to have a conversation with me, just hang out, ask for a specific type of training, explore opportunities to collaborate and create, or book one of my services, don't hesitate, contact me here.

Love, Gabriela Fagundes

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